As a global leader in the buying and selling of commodities, cutting deals is our job! Do you need expert advise on a deal that you are trying to make? Do you need one of our trade specialist to help you with negotiations? You have come to the right place! We will assign a full time representative that would do a market analysis of the product or service and use the data collected to get you a good deal. Our negotiators are firm and they would negotiate different aspects of the transaction. Some key things we will cover in negotiations are:

  • Price – making sure that you get the best price for the item you are buying or selling and you get your full value for your money.
  • Payment terms – that the terms of payment are favorable to you. There are different payment instruments that can be used for high-value transactions. We will advise and argue for the most suitable instrument for you.
  • Delivery – The timeline for delivery and the incoterms: CIF, EXW, FOB, etc.
  • Service and maintenance – If you are purchasing equipments, we will negotiate to get you a good service agreement.

Leave the job of negotiation to the experts who do this for a living!